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Artist Statement: Calabrisella MiA (2021)

Alessia Vitali, mezzo-soprano, Angelo Moretti, tenor and Andrea Grant, piano

Alessia Vitali’s Artist Statement is dedicated to her mother, Antonietta Presta, and her grandfather, Luigi Presta. Alessia performs “Calabrisella Mia,” a traditional folk song from Calabria, Italy, with tenor Angelo Moretti and pianist Andrea Grant.

In collaboration with the National Opera Intensive with Against the Grain Theatre and UofT Opera.

“When it came time to think of something that makes me unique for this project, I thought of my relationship with my mother right away. She’s always been super supportive of me and without her, I would not be where I am today. She’s also a big part of why I feel so connected to my Italian heritage.”

“A big theme of the video was nostalgia, that’s why I chose to show a lot of trinkets from my grandmother’s house and all of the pictures. I thought the theme of photos was really interesting because photos obviously hold a lot of memories, but also, music holds a lot of memories, especially folk songs.”

“I’d love to arrange more folk songs from Calabria, the region in Italy where my family is from….I think singers should be less afraid of trying new things and less afraid of being imperfect because nothing is perfect, and music shouldn’t be either.” 

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